Ke letsatsi le lekaakang!

Pack ea Jones SwagMorali oa ka o ile a ntetsetsa mohala kajeno kamora ho amohela sephutheloana ka poso ho tsoa ho Jones Soda. Khamphani ena ea makatsa! E le ho leboha mosebetsi oo ke o entseng ka moetlo 'Mino oa Jones oa ka MP3 player skin, Jones sent out a thank-you package. Wow! It contained a sweatshirt, some bumper stickers, some other stickers, a keychain, lip balm, and a pin!!! I can't say enough about this company. To go out of their way like that really says a lot. Drink Jones Soda!!!

Kahoo ke ne ke nahana hore ehlile e entse letsatsi la ka… empa e ne e le qalo feela.

Walking to my car, a man stumbled towards me who was bleeding on his right side down his shorts profusely. He told me he had been stabbed. I laid him down on the sidewalk and pulled up his shirt. He was pouring blood out of 2 knife wounds in his side. I didn't have anything to hold on it, so I just pushed on the wounds with one hand and called the police with the other. He was in quite a bit of pain and had lost quite a bit of blood. Paramedics came and he was rushed off to the hospital. I was holding his side for a good 20 minutes and the bleeding had mostly stopped. Someone gave me a clean cloth from a restaurant.

The paramedic told police he had a 50/50 chance of pulling through. The man's name was Dale and he was 52. By the time I had cleaned up, I think the police had 2 witnesses who saw the stabbing and they found the knife. I don't know how to find out if Dale made it, though. Say a prayer for Dale.

So… what a day! I'm really thankful that I was at the right place at the right time. There was only 1 other guy that stayed with me while I held Dale's side and a waitress that gave me the clean cloth. That's a little disturbing on such a busy corner in Indianapolis. I walk that sidewalk every day to and from my car.

Etsa thapelo bakeng sa Dale!

Update: Here's the Tlaleho ea Mapolesa.

U nahana eng?

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